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 HYBRID SUNDAY SERVICE at 11:00 followed by discussion

                                Service via  Zoom

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* Social Distancing; face masks are encouraged, though not required.


Other Ways to Join the ZOOM Call:

1) Google "Zoom" go to join a meeting 

     Meeting ID: 813 3291 4048

     Passcode: Unity

2) Or join by phone

     +1 312 626 6799 US

      Meeting ID: 813 3291 4048

      Passcode: 732100.

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 What's New

  • Annual meeting scheduled

  • for February 27th.

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New version of the prayer of protection

The Light of God surrounds us

     - I Am Light

 The Love of God Enfolds us

-I Am Love

The power of God protects us

I Am Power

The Presence of God watches over us

- I Am presence

Where we are  God is

Where ever God is, I Am

2021 Campaign

Our goal for financial prosperity for 2021 is to attract $15,000 above the normal donations to support the maintenance and utilities of the building.

All donations towards the 2021 campaign will be tracked and we thank you for your generosity.

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We are you.  You are Loved

Image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

Jesus expressed his divine potential and sought to show 

Meditation (and ways to quiet the mind)

 allow the  receiving of inspirations

clarity and Wisdom from our Higher


 Affirmative thoughts and prayers are the highest form of creative thought.  

Ask and it is Given - 0ur Dreams

             are meant to come true

                   The Law of Attraction.

Feelings point to the Energy of Love being allowed or not allowed

Life is meant to be joy filled


God's Love is Unconditional.

Nurturing  Connection


  Mission-centered - green energy, community projects , sharing spiritual Journeys;

We are all ministers of God and Love.  All are include

Where God is, you are

Meditation -  the practice of non-resisitance to life/Love. 

 Its right Here.

 humankind how to  express our divine potential. 

We are so thankful for you


Weddings and Rentals

Our Bride's Room is decorated with plush white carpeting, comfortable furniture and a full-length mirror for the Bride and her wedding party.  

The Groom and the groom party meet in a handsome Groom's Room to relax  prior to the ceremony.

The sanctuary will hold between 50 - 120  people,

                         Rates are typically $300 per wedding.



We have several ministers to choose from

Taylor Swan, from the church of today



Actors on stage

Events, concerts performances

    We also accommodate most events, concerts,  performances, theatrical plays, tea parties, gatherings, movies and camp fires.

Rentals fee is typically  $300 or a sharing of the Purse.

Non profit organizations

Office Space is available for non-profits organizations to rent ($450/month). Twelve12 step groups are welcome (donation only).

For consideration please email   UnityOfJackson@Comcast.net

Women Volunteers

NOTE:  No Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the church prior to or after the ceremony.


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Participate in person *


Participate on ZOOM  **


 In-Person Safety Guidelines in effect: 

Social Distancing;  Face masks are encouraged, though not required


**3 Ways to Join the ZOOM Call:

1) Join Zoom Meeting

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Hybrid Sunday Service



Unity of Jackson

3385 Miles Road, 

Jackson, Michigan 49201

Located on the corner of Miles Road and Ackerson Lake Drive


Phone: 517-764-6900




Thursday  10am - 1 pm​​

​Sunday: 10 am - 1 pm

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